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2. Aqua Body Works
3. Healing Dance
4. WaterDance
5. Pregnancy Massage
6. Prenatal Regression
7. Aqua Contact Improv.
8. Hypnosis
9. Testimonials
10. Benefits


Sessions can include Hypno Therapy, Transformational Therapy with Trauma Healing or Cranio Sacral techniques.

It is your body setting the pace in the letting go – physically as well as emotionally. You are in charge it is totally your call,

In a Watsu session your face stays above the surface.

In Aqua Body Works, WaterDance and Healing Dance you may be taken under water completely.

A nose clip keeps water from entering your nose, allowing you to fully experience every particular way your body is being moved, stretched and massaged.

All these modalities release neuromuscular tension and balance body structure.

Therefore, at the end of a session you may find yourself rid of stress, relaxed, energized, free of back pain and headache, fulfilled, and/or balanced. And all you did, was just allow yourself to receive.


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