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What is an Aqua Body Works session

Unlike WATSU, in a Aqua Body Works session, you can be submerged under the water. This gives you a three dimensional experience that can feel similar to flying.
Being engaged in the magical flow of an under water dance.

There are a number of different elements to your session:
– You will set an intention.
For example releasing tension in the spine, it could be something to do with a relationship or an emotional concern you are dealing with.

–  Using all her different aquatic techniques, Masta also includes Remedial Massage, Cranio Sacral, Prenatal work, Hypno Therapy,  Inner Child and Transformational therapy.

– You are invited to let go of all distractions, including your thoughts, beliefs and emotions and to simply be present… in love with what is.

– Cued by the rhythm of your breath you are taken underwater. (Your body is naturally prepared for this. You have an innate diving reflex, that prepares you for being under the surface).
Without effort you stay under water for longer and longer.

–  Your inner silence grows deeper and magical.

–  At the end of your session insights or understanding about your original intention are anchored in the body.

– Your body will feel renewed, rejuvenated and regenerated. You can connect with this when you go back into your everyday world. Masta uses Trauma Healing techniques and is trained in: Trauma Resolution, as presented by Dr. Diane Poole Heller. Somatic Experiencing® which is body-oriented psychotherapy,
developed by Dr Peter A Levine. Trauma affects the autonomic nervous system. He has shown that the body has an inherent capacity to self-regulate after experiencing trauma. Through a series of techniques that interplay between memories, body sensations, and dialogue with the therapist, traumatic events held in the body are discharged, allowing the body to be regulated and emotional balance to be restored.
Healing Attachment Issues – Healthy Adult Relating – Healing Sensuality and Sexuality.

Aqua Bodyworks is a collection of techniques. Warm water supports you while a facilitator moves your body. Folding, unfolding and stretching it.

*These movements are designed to bring you into the deepest possible state of relaxation. Their fluidity combines into a meditative dance, subtly inviting you to let go of whatever holding of energy there might be.
*It is totally your call, it is your body setting the pace in the letting go – physically as well as emotionally.
In Aqua Bodyworks, WaterDance and Healing Dance you may be taken under water completely.
*A nose clip keeps water from entering your nose, allowing you to fully experience every particular way your body is being moved, stretched and massaged.
*The warm water manifold heightens the effect of the stretching, massaging and the working of acupressure points.
*Aqua Bodyworks gives you an opportunity for a deep meditative state of being.
*For some people it can be like dancing, weightless in space, for others it can be like being back in the womb, a deep healing experience.
*Aqua Bodyworks releases endorphins and dopamine’s and also reduces blood pressure, slows heart rate, as well as improves cellular oxygen metabolism.

Aqua Bodyworks with its folding-unfolding, swinging, waving and rotating movements entices you into a new realm of consciousness.

When we have unresolved trauma it impacts on all areas of our lives. When integrated and delicately understood our suffering can provide the seed for becoming freer, more mature human beings. Then we have the capacity for greater awareness and can navigate gracefully through our lives. We can set a course bound for our true purpose. Apart from creating various levels of relaxation, when the facilitator ‘lets his fingers do the walking’, he will be able to identify, loosen and release energy blockages. Therefore, at the end of a session you may find yourself relaxed, energized, free, fulfilled, and/or balanced. And all you did, was just receiving…

~ Training Program ~

Having received the benefits of a session, you may wish to train so that you can share this with clients or with your partner and friends. If you are a health professional your own healing modality be it – Shiatsu, Rebalancing, Cranio-sacral, Reiki, massage for example can be incorporated into your own water work. The possibilities are endless. You can take a Watsu Basics then Aqua Bodyworks basic and onto advanced level. In these trainings you work with different supporting positions, water-moves and explore working in water principals.

For dates and places, go to Program.