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What is a Healing Dance session?

The essence of Healing Dance is flow, freedom and lightness.Healing Dance is based on the healing power of movement. The practitioner establishes an empathetic connection with the receiver and is trained to mirror any incipient kinetic impulses. Like an orchestra conductor, he or she establishes a rhythmic field at the beginning of the session through breath, movement and state of mind.
The practitioner ‘dances’ the receiver, who has an experience of grace and beauty, sometimes leading to deeper emotional releases.
Healing Dance takes advantage of the
full three-dimensionality of the water with broad dynamic movements.
A variety of advanced body mechanics techniques – moving by example, creative imbalance and traveling through the pool – help to create not only bigger movements, but also subtler and more sensitive ones. Blocked energies are opened up by more than thirty hydrodynamic waves and spirals, as well as various spatial mandalas in the form of circles, figure 8’s and releases. This frees and re-animates the body.
The receiver soon discovers, there is much stillness and nurturing in Healing Dance – moments to expand into oneself while being safely held. 

Who it is for? Healing Dance is for everyone.
For dancers – Healing Dance is for those who love water and stretching, who wish to experience beauty, grace and surrender to the power of movement.
More than any other aquatic technique the Dance brings the experience of physical freedom.
For the athlete, martial artist, swimmer and for handicapped people who are unable to stand or walk, the movements of Healing Dance are a delight. They offer an invitation to playfully participate by allowing their own movement impulses expression.

For those with back problems – Healing Dance’s waves with the receiver lying on her side are beneficially disorienting and excellent for releasing holding patterns of a psychological origin. These waves, with the multiple joint mobilization they offer,
are good for spinal problems; receivers often report that their backs feel much better following a session.
Healing Dance was developed by Alexander Georgeakopoulos and Inika Sati Spence.
The above was extracted from writings by Alexander Georgeakopoulos. For further information look at or