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What is an Aquatic Prenatal Journey?

Aquatic Prenatal Regression sessions focus on healing pre-birth trauma.
Most people are walking around with thoughts and behavior patterns that are directly related to their birth experience. Or even earlier events, like conception and implantation stages.

Through posture and movement Masta recreates our earliest developmental stages – from conception to birth – inviting clients to re-experience the nurturing and blissful warmth of the womb.
Difficulties that might have arisen during conception, implantation, development and birthing can be resolved energetically and psychologically. So can disturbances in early development, during the first couple of months as a baby.
Cellular memory can be rewritten using these techniques.

This Prenatal Journey was developed after training with David Sawyer and the “Cosmic Child” training with Kaya and Nirvana.
Masta uses Trauma Healing techniques and is training in:
Trauma Resolution, as presented by Dr. Diane Poole Heller
and Somatic Experiencing® which is body-oriented psychotherapy,
Trauma affects the autonomic nervous system.
Through a series of techniques that interplay between memories,
body sensations, and dialogue with the therapist,
traumatic events held in the body are discharged,
allowing the body to be regulated and emotional balance to be restored.
Birth can leave an imprint of pain and struggle. If you are an adult, you were most likely born into the old energy pattern.These old energy patterns can involve struggle, pain, blame, resentment, and anger.New energy patterns involve love, grace, abundance and prosperity. Everyone can now learn through joy and ease, humility, charity, gratitude and appreciation.The new energy honors our god-self – we can choose to be co-creators with God. This can make our lives wonderful and we can attract all that is sweet to us.his Journey can clear your birth energy. This is an important step in emotional healing and in sustaining more happiness. We live in a time when we can easily and effortlessly clear away old beliefs and patterns, and function completely in our new energy.

Water is healing, Water is healing playfully.