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To be weightless, held in Masta arms, to feel her love and compassion is powerfully healing, like being held by an angel. When I am done I feel totally renewed. I can honestly  say that these Aqua Body Works sessions  have given me some of the most blissful experiences of my life.
Completing another round of three sessions I was thrilled to be safe and secure enough to be under the water for extended lengths of time. Doing this emphasized the other worldliness of working in this element. As I was thrashed around in the weightless world I was able to totally surrender into being thoughtless and free. It was awesome!

Masta’s work is not to be missed! If you wish to return to a deep connection to your being, enjoy the deepest relaxation and energize your deepest wishes and intentions. Just writing this makes me wish to hop in the pool with her right now.
Amrita – Educational Consultant and Author

I regularly visit Masta for my health enhancement and maintenance of body, mind and spirit.
Each session we have is unique and yet builds upon the benefits of the last one. I feel revitalized, at peace, uplifted in spirit and invigorated to share this joy with the world.
Massage in Water has been an integral part of my ongoing health care and is such a lovely way to be well!
Neal Hoptman – Wellness Consultant and author of HELP Yourself To Health

Masta tuned me in to my body. Straight away I realized something new about my breath. From then on it has been a profound journey of meeting water and meeting myself, in deeper ways.
It is special to work with someone as sensitive and experienced as Masta. She creates a safe and sacred space.
Dan Vantari – Graphic Artist, Web designer

Absolutely amazing. I’ve never experienced anything like it. It was like entering another world and I started to open my eyes as I was being moved underwater. The experience was like being pure consciousness. A bubble of consciousness open, relaxed, pure and free.
Thank you so much. I highly recommend this treatment for everyone.
Raeleen Bernardo – Remedial Massage Therapist

When I first had a session with Masta I was under a lot of stress. I had  suffered from lower back pain for many years . After my first massage in water, I felt totally relaxed, my back pain was gone. Dr. A.Smit – Germany