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Water… Babies… Laughter… and learning to swim
A delightful combination.
This is a gentle “whole child” approach to teaching babies how to swim.
Focusing on the baby-infant-toddler’s level of readiness, baby swim goes beyond teaching physical skills.
Safety skills: are a primary reason many people enroll in lessons. This can be lifesaving. But there is much more to infant/toddler swimming than that. The younger a child begins their swimming adventure the better. It is the parents’ responsibility to ensure the safety of their children.
Our foremost concern is with the well being of the child. Teaching a baby to swim is a subtle, long-term process that requires sensitivity, motivation, insight, skill, creativity and joy.
Teaching babies to swim when approached in a nurturing, child-paced, “baby friendly” environment allows boundless joy, self-confidence as well as happy, healthy and well-adjusted children.
Do you know that a young baby has the natural ability to be submerged in water? Babies have all the reflexes in place to move and kick and they have a gag reflex that closes the air passages.
Do you know how important crawling and also swimming are for the development of the brain is. Specifically it helps with language.
Do you know that for a baby gazing into his or her eyes is very important? Doing this developing the frontal lobe and also the Para Sympathetic nervous system. In fact this “gaze” is also healing for the adult.
Patient parents who are able to enjoy the moment and at the same time “stay the course” will rediscover the value of water and it’s ability to nourish their baby’s entire being.
For the right people, in the right situation, baby swimming can foster a connectedness to parent, family, community and the outer world
A “baby friendly” program develops a relationship with and honors your child as a unique individual with feelings and emotions.
Child aware programs foster smooth, fluid movement through the water that are refreshing, invigorating and calming. The process becomes an intuitive art, reaching far beyond the desired long-term swimming safety goals, helping to open up each child and allow them to be who they authentically are.
Early swim lessons are a positive foundation for a lifetime of participation and enjoyment in a variety of water sports.
All classes are in small groups of 4 – 8 babies with parents in the water
Private Swimming Classes: for children to overcome fear of water.
You are able to bond face-to-face, skin-to-skin and share the joy of learning together.
A special time, a special place for you and your child.

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