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Child Swimming Classes.
Age 2-5 years
Small Groups FUN!
Healthy body temperature warm water in an indoor pool with safety ledges.
Experienced Certified AustSwim Teacher.

Dance Swim classes for children 5-7 years.
Exploring movement improvisation and swimming skills in the buoyancy of warm water.

Private classes for children to overcome fear for water.
Anjali, our 5 year old daughter, loves swimming lessons with Masta. Previously, she had a fear of going underwater and was reluctant to attend group swimming lessons. We searched for someone to work one on one with Anjali – Masta’s work has been sensational. She has been gentle, light, positive and encouraging with Anjali. She works to where Anjali is at – she does not force but is creative and supportive in leading her through fear and resistance. After 5 lessons, Anjali is now beginning to swim (including underwater) and to dive. Importantly, Anjali now loves swimming lessons. We are extremely grateful to Masta for helping Anjali to learn to love swimming and the water. We consider the entire experience with Masta to be a generous gift.
Thank you!

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