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In 1993 I fell in love with Aquatic Bodywork.Until then,I had always loved dancing and all things to do with movement.
My first float in warm water was in 1974, in a tropical sea, it relaxed me more deeply than I’d ever experienced before. I felt like I had dissolved into the ocean, returning to an innocence of being.
Years later I had my first WaterDance session.
Again, I experienced this deep relaxation and dissolving but now I was surrendering to the fun wave movements that someone put my body through. At times I was held like a baby in the womb.
I was addicted and wanted more.
Since then I have accumulated over 2000 hours in training.
I have worked with some of the best professionals in this field in USA,
The Netherlands, Germany, Italy and Australia.
I love the work in water!

Training and experience.
1979 – Certified as a TEACHER and THERAPIST Theatre and Movement expression in The Netherlands.
1994 – Worked as an Aquatic Body worker and teacher. Studied: WaterDance with Aman Shreuder and Aqua
Balancing with Kaya & Nirvana and became an AQUA BALANCING practitioner.
1998 – Trained and qualified as a WATSU practitioner with Harold Dull, The Founder.
– Trained with Minakshi, Richard Block, Shantam and Inika Spence, Mario Jahara Michelle Chelenzo in
Harbin Hot springs. Completed 1680 hours training.
1998 – studied studied Feldenkrais work.
1998 – studied Shamanic Reiki.
2001 – Became a WATSU therapist with 580 hours training.
2001 – Aquatic Prenatal Journey with David Sawyer.
2002 – Qualified as a WATSU INSTRUCTOR. WABA.
2003 – Certified as a TEACHER OF INFANT AQUATICS with Austswim in water safety and Infant Aquatics.
2003 – Cranio Sacral Training.
– Established a private indoor warm water pool in Byron Bay.
2007- Trained and qualified as a practitioner REMEDIAL MASSAGE.
2007 – Training in Trauma Healing resolution with Dr Diane Poole Heller.  Heal wounds, embracing the Authentic Self. Learning how to recognise trauma in the body and treat it in clients.
–  Somatic Experiencing® work, by Dr Peter A Levine.
2008 –  Qualified as a HEALING DANCE practitioner – trained in ‘Healing Dance Basic & Expanded’, ‘Healing
Dance Above & Below’, and ‘Healing Dance Shape and Space’.
2017 – Studied: Body-Mind Centering® by Bonnie Bainbridge Cohen. Bonnie is the founder of Body-Mind Centering® and a pioneering somatic educator.
– Workshop on Embryological Foundations of Movement: A Body-Mind Centering® Approach.
– Workshop on the Basic Neurocellular Patterns (BNPs): A Body-Mind Centering® Approach to Developmental Movement.
– Workshop on An Introduction to the Primitive Reflexes, Righting Reactions and Equilibrium Responses.
2017 – Aquatic Prenatal Journey with David Sawyer.
2017 – Study Somatic Experiencing® work, by Dr Peter A Levine. Somatic Experiencing Australia & New Zealand
Somatic Experiencing is a body awareness approach to healing trauma. It focuses on experiencing the ‘felt sense’ in the present moment to relieve the physical, emotional and physiological effects.