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WATSU® BASICS and Aqua Body Works Training.

In a Watsu® Basics (Certified by WABA – Worldwide Aquatic Bodywork Association) you learn:
–  The basic characteristics of water – such as flow, current, buoyancy and adaptability to support your work.
–  Watsu® Basic Moves and positions and how, staying grounded and connected with the breath, you can let the water do the work.
–  Water Breath Dance and find the stillness that is the ground of presence.
–  To connect basic moves and positions with long gracefully flowing transitions into the Transition Flow.
–  To adapt this to people of all sizes, shapes and dispositions.
–  To know your own body mechanics.
–  How to support and move each person as effortlessly as possible in the water.
–  How to provide the best possible alignment for your clients’ bodies as well as your own.
–  About emotional responses to Watsu for both the receiver and the giver so we can create a healthy, healing environment for each and every person.

We will be studying in this beautiful water-temple in a WATSU pool in healthy quality water.

In the Aqua Body Works Training you learn:
–  Basic movement principals of the hydrodynamic forces working in water. For example spins and counter spins with partial release and full release etc.
–  Different supporting positions, for example the triangle support for the head, elongating the neck.
–  Basic Moves, above and below the water surface, staying grounded and connected with the breath, allowing the water do the work.
–  Simple water moves that graduate toward more complex ones, and their appropriate application.
–  Yoga-like stretches.
–  Theoretical/cognitive material is offered, but direct personal experience is the most important aspect.
–  Practical ways to relate to the people you are working with.
–  Clear positive feedback modalities.
–  Basic Hypnotic language.
–  Movement that inspire improvisation in the water.
The Aqua Body Works is effective when working with:
* Release of neuro-muscular tension/ balancing body structure
* Easing the body stresses of pregnancy
* Trauma & head injuries
* Unreasonable fear of water
* Hyperactivity, anxiety & panic issues
* Exploration of consciousness, wholeness and creativity.
Certification Aqua Body Works  requirements include:
1. Have attended, at least 16 hours of  Watsu®, around 60 hours of Aqua Body Works training and a refresh training every 2 years.
2. You give 20 Aqua Body Works sessions, documented with notes.
3. Log 16 aquatic bodywork sessions received from a professional (Before, during or after the training). 10 of these are Aqua Body Works sessions.
4. Give a session to Masta.
5. Have a current CPR certification.
There are several distinct aspects of these training that weave together to support your work.
In both training you learn in a supportive environment with no more than 8 participants.
You receive extensive hands-on practice and guidance.
The possibilities are endless.
For whom is the training:
If you are already a health professional you can include these technique with your own healing modality. Shiatsu, Re-balancing, Cranio-sacral, Reiki for example can be incorporated into your own water work. You can share this work with clients, your partner or friends.
This training is appropriate for anyone: Therapists, including: physical & occupational; massage & body workers; psychotherapists, trauma and head injury specialists.
Or for those seeking a first step into the health care professions. For individuals it is a beautiful gift to give to others.
There four to eight participants in each class allowing time for one-on-one training. The interests within the group flavor each training.
To deepen your own training you can gather a group of 4-8 friends or colleagues that share your special interests.
Accommodation is available.
While doing the training, accommodation is available on the property in my Eco-Bungalow  or in the main house of Gondwana Sanctuary
( )
Our accommodation is five minutes to the beach and Tyagarah Nature Reserve.
Other accommodation is available in hotels and resorts, only ten minutes away in Byron Bay.
For dates and places, go to Program.